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What's Available Now?

From the Garden

  Thank you to all of our farmstand customers! 

We had a great season in the garden!

Our supplies are running low, so we are now closed.

See you in the spring!  

We are still taking Grass-fed Beef Orders (see below)   

From the Meadow

We still have two quarters on hand at the farm stand.  We can sell by the quarter or by 

the eighth.  

We are also selling steaks, roasts, cubes, ribs, and ground beef by the piece 

(while supplies last) at the farm stand.  

If you are planning ahead, we are taking orders for Winter 2017 grass-fed beef 

quarters/eighths (use the interactive form on The Meadow webpage).

By ordering in advance, you can dictate which cuts of meat you would like 
in your quarter. 

Our steers have been certified as USDA Grass Fed Beef Cattle.  We are selling the 

beef by the quarter.  The cuts of beef that can be expected from one quarter 

include the following:


# Pkgs

Total Weight

Arm Roast



Beef Cubes



Bottom Round






Chuck Roast



Delmonico Steak



Eye Round






London Broil



NY Strip Steak



Short Ribs



Sirloin Steak



Sirloin Tip Steak



Skirt or Flank Steak



Tenderloin Steak






A detailed guide to the primal and subcuts of a beef carcass, is available from 

the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board at

All beef slaughter and processing is done under USDA inspection.  All storage is 
inspected and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

From Dan on 3/6/2015, "We had our first meal with Garden Meadow grass-fed beef
tonight.  Our girls loved the beef, the best they ever tasted!  Besides the great taste,
my wife and I like it because it's leaner and healthier.  We're looking forward to
grass-fed beef steaks on the grill soon! We're happy to be customers of
Garden Meadow Farm!"
From Cara on 4/3/2015, "The chuck roast was nicely marbled and just delicious!  
Grass fed and family owned makes it even better.  It was a hit in the French Dip
at my son's first birthday party!"

From Katlyn on 4/15/2015, "We bought a quarter of Brent's grass fed beef and
it is amazing.  The ground beef makes great burgers and meatloaf!  So excited
we found a local beef provider and we look forward to their produce this summer!"

From Stu on 5/8/2015, "I had the tenderloin last night on the grill and it was
fabulous, excellent flavor."

From Sharon on 5/13/2015, "We had some of your beef last night.  It was the
best sirloin steak I ever had and that's no bull."

From Ken on 5/14/2015, "We had the Delmonico steaks.  They were simply awesome."

From Kate on 7/8/2015 who bought a beef heart and ground beef, "Pricing is
reasonable for this area and the product is superior."

From Mike and Tanya on 7/11/2015, "We've eaten at some of the best steak
houses in the world and have experienced a variety of prime cuts.  Needless to say,
Garden Meadow Farm's grass-fed beef exceeds most of the prime beef out there.  
Tender, Juicy, & Tasty."

From Jason and Michelle on 7/11/2015, "My family recently discovered Garden
Meadow Farm.  The produce is delicious and as fresh as it gets.  We also tried
some of the grass-fed beef, which we enjoyed.  We will definitely keep coming back!"

From Tammy on 7/11/2015, "The owners have an obvious passion for raising healthy
beef that tastes great.  The NY strips were the best tasting grass-fed beef we have had."

From Michelle on 8/6/2015, "We love the produce and beef we got last Saturday.  
I've never had greens so fresh.  Yum!  The heirloom tomatoes were tasty.  And the
steaks were delicious.  We'll be back this weekend!"

From Rodney on 8/26/2015, "With the growing concern for what is being wrapped
and sold at meat counters in stores today, we decided to purchase a quarter of beef
from Garden Meadow Farm. The flavor and quality of Garden Meadow Farm's grass
fed beef has been amazing.  The filets are the best we have ever had."

From Leigh on 11/9/2015, "Our hats off to Garden Meadow Farm's awesome greens.  
We are enjoying the best salad ever this evening.  Thanks to Brent for the fresh cut
lettuces.  It's wonderful."

From Deo on 4/3/2016, "We cooked 3 of the NY strip steaks already.  Tastes great!"

From Phil and Maribeth on 6/5/2017, "Maribeth, the kids, and I want to thank you again 

for giving us a tour of the farm a few weeks ago.  We have tried several different cuts, 

ground beef, and a roast and the beef is excellent.  The beef is so tender and flavorful 

and is noticeably better than any we've had before.  I don't thnk there's any going back 

to store bought.  We will be back to buy from you again once we run out. Thanks again!"

To place an order, use our online order form, or call 717-222-8767, or send an
email to info @

And new this week:  Trattoria Fratelli's Caribbean Amish Gold Sauce!
And new this week:  Trattoria Fratelli's Caribbean Amish Gold Sauce!